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Let us introduce you to SandersGuru.com, a website highly dedicated to giving you the best information on sanders, no matter if you're looking for belt ´╗┐´╗┐sanders, palm sanders, orbital sanders, etc. Don't worry, we have it here for you, free at all.

Here you'll find a full buyers guide for every type of sander you can imagine. We know that investing money into a new tool doesn't always have a happy ending. The latter is because buyers purchase new tools without doing proper research on the topic or without reading comprehensive reviews before making their mind.

This is where Sanders Guru came into play.

We've deeply researched several e-commerce sites, manufacturer sites and read many opinions from users who bought specific sanders.

We've put all the information we've found into easy-to-consume buyer's guide that you must read before making your decision. Every guide includes the best attributes your next sander must have, safety tips, most common problems, and so much more free information for you.

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